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Why me? I'm an architect, urban planner, educator and parent raising five kids in Boulder. I've served on many public and private boards doing long range strategic planning. I'm professionally trained to listen and understand complex problems, build consensus between polarized groups and find efficient, practical solutions for low cost. My work is about improving the quality of life of streets, buildings, neighborhoods and cities by repairing and retrofitting suburban sprawl. We can improve the environmental, social and economic performance of our City Space. I can bring practical, forward looking, leadership, experience and knowledge to City Council.

* Responsive City Government representing all of us.

* Manage Open Space and City Space intelligently, efficiently and fairly.

* Support a strong local economy to grow the businesses that help feed our families and fund our libraries, parks, recreation centers, social services, public safety, transportation and Open Space.

* Reduce energy and resource consumption and carbon emissions to protect our air and water.

* Develop complete streets with safe pedestrian, transit, and bike choices serving a compact community.

* Provide more housing choices in walkable neighborhoods so our grown children and working families can live here, instead of commuting from isolated complexes or regional sprawl.

* Improve regional cooperation on land-use issues and transportation; Boulder should not act alone.

* Pursue smart planning for future challenges like Peak Oil and global competition for resources, markets, products and services.

Boulder has focused money and attention on our great Open Space. Now it’s time to manage our existing assets and treat our “City Space” with similar care. My public and private sector experience helping polarized, frustrated people discover and achieve common goals can help City Council be more productive, efficient and fair as it manages the consequences of yesterday’s decisions, on today’s budget, while helping shape our future. 

Please help me win a seat on the next City Council and vote for Fenno Hoffman.

Key dates:

Monday Oct. 3: Deadline to register to vote

Check your voter status at: bouldercountyvotes.org.
If you have questions, email vote@bouldercountyvotes.org
or call 303-413-7740

Tue. Oct. 11: Boulder County mails ballots to all active voters

Tue. Nov. 1: Election Day, 
all ballots must be received by the Clerk and Recorder's Office by 7 p.m.

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